How To Maintain Good Mental Health?

good mental health
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Taking care of our health is very important; from the health of each of our organs to our emotional health. Mental health is one of the few that are usually taken care of; perhaps it is due to the fact that very seldom we notice of it; however, it is still important. Then, if we notice little of it, how to maintain good mental health? This is simpler than you think and then you will see how.

good mental health


The first thing you need to know is that your mental health depends a lot on your overall health; That is why one of the best ways to care for our mind is to take care of our body in general.

Take care what you eat

This may sound very cliché; but it really is very important to feed yourself well to maintain a healthy mind. You must take care of fats and especially of excessively sugary foods. On the other hand, it incorporates antioxidants such as green tea to your life; you can consume one cup of green tea a day and if possible make it a habit. This will not only help the functioning of your mind, it will also help you lose weight and maintain good health.

Eggs are also very useful; due to its properties you can improve your memory in the long term; avocado on the other hand will help you to improve concentration. Try to eat fish on a regular basis; in this way you can improve aspects like your mood, your energy and even your ability to learn.


This is another aspect that is cliché but which is nevertheless extremely important to our mental health. We must incorporate at least 3 hours of exercise a week into our lives; in this way we will not only be exercising and taking care of our health but also we will be distracting ourselves and moving away problems such as stress, which is one of the main factors that damage our emotional and mental stability.

Another of the things that are recommended to do is that we must always keep positive stimuli around us; These stimuli depend on each individual so you can not recommend one in particular; however, you should know that these stimuli can be from the smallest activities you enjoy to sharing time with your family and friends. You must keep close to you everything you like; make time for yourself and your social circle; listen to the music you like, practice the sport you are passionate about; do the activities that you like, no matter if you are are reading, playing, extreme sports.


Having medium- to long-term goals is an excellent idea; in fact, it should be something almost mandatory for everyone. Among the main benefits that this brings us we can highlight the fact that they keep us focused on a goal; help us plan our lives better and encourage us to learn more and more in order to achieve our goals; as well as being a great way to distract us from the stress of everyday life, since it allows us to think that “everything we do is to achieve a goal.” All of this is important to our mental health.

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