Playing Super Mario Run without Wi-Fi will end your data rate

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After several months of waiting since launching for iOS, the highly anticipated Super Mario Run is now available on the Android platform with airs of greatness and expectations similar to the launch of Pokémon GO, although with less than 24 hours on Google Play is difficult quantify how successful this game may be. Finally it has arrived for free for all those who want to download it, but once inside the game we find that we must pay 10 euros if we want to unlock the remaining levels.Also you can play unfair mario game.

And yes, it was a long awaited game on Android and many users were asking since Nintendo decided to bet heavily on the smartphone sector with the arrival of Pokémon Go, Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes, great titles that have obtained many downloads counted by millions . It is undeniable that Nintendo has done it again and has taken a title very well designed and with great essence to the mythical Super Mario of yesteryear, but as we say on many occasions, not everything is gold what glitters.

Beware of the data rate and the battery of your mobile

In addition to the excessive money to be disbursed for the levels, there are other flaws that make it happen, once again, that the perfect game does not yet exist. It is true that we breathe that essence, especially Nintendo DS Super Mario, but in the section of gameplay we come across the surprise that our plumber runs automatically and jumps the small obstacles without having to make any pulsation, that causes that we do not enjoy the whole of this game.

Another aspect that we noticed yesterday in Andro4all is that all those who have a customized ROM on their smartphone will not be able to play this Super Mario, since it only compatible with certified systems and is something that was already happening with Miitomo, the optimization seems to be not the most outstanding feature of this game.

And another problem that we have encountered, and I would say the most important, is the wild mobile data and battery that can consume this Super Mario Run, which makes it an arduous task to play without being connected to our Wi-Fi. This great consumption is due, according to our iPad companions, to the long load that servers need before starting any level of the game.

As you can see in these captures, taken from a partner who owns a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this consumption translates into a 5 percent use of the terminal battery playing an hour to this Super Mario Run. If we consider that this Galaxy S7 Edge has an autonomy of more than 6 hours of screen, it would assume a 30 percent approximately of battery use until this terminal was completely extinguished if we had it with a 100 percent load. A bestiality.

As for the data, this game is designed to play with Wi-Fi without a doubt, and if you play with the mobile data, it is designed for high capacity rates. Following the example above, playing an hour of Super Mario Run we fuse 80 MB, which means that if we play an hour a day for a month, at the end of that month we will find the surprise of having spent 2.4 GB!

It is clear that to enjoy the new Super Mario Run we must include a powerbank and a great rate of data for when we are not at home and want to kill time while we make a trip, in addition to this way exclude all those terminals whose batteries do not be their strongest point.

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